After relocating from India to the UK I am getting frequent colds and nasal irritation at night. Due to these colds, I am not able to use my CPAP machine. What is the remedy for this to use my CPAP regularly without the above trouble?

Considering the only change you mention is you moving from India to London, UK, it sounds indeed like the climate change may be contributing to your symptoms. A CPAP humidifier might well be the solution for you. It can help warm and moisten the air and better mimic the conditions in India. Many CPAP users have experienced better responses to CPAP therapy when using a humidifier.

As a short-term solution, you can buy a saline nasal spray to help unblock your sinusses and remove the irritants and pollutants causing the inflamation. A simple pressurized sea water spray can do the trick or you can look into machine powered nasal irrigation system.

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